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At Tamara's Herbes we make our soap using the cold-process method, which means we start with distilled water and lye, combine it with pure, organic oils like coconut and olive, and scent them using only the highest quality essential oils. Occasionally we add things like oatmeal, apricot seed powder, sandalwood powder or activated charcoal for gentle cleansing and exfoliating properties. That's it. You will never find dangerous chemicals or other additives that often cause allergic reactions and promote things like eczema, psoriasis and even cancer.

Our soaps provide powerful cleansing that is gentle on the skin, and produce a rich, creamy lather that leaves your skin soft and clean.

We also use our soap bars as shampoo bars with amazing results! It leaves your hair and scalp feeling clean and nourished, without leaving a heavy build-up. We especially like the plain soap and the charcoal soap for hair care.

One of the issues we experience with natural soap is that they tend to disolve faster than store-bought soaps due to the nature of the ingredients. We combat that problem by making smaller bars that are used faster and minimize loss of product. Each of our bars weigh only 1-1.5 oz (about half the size of most bars of soap) and are individually wrapped and labeled.

Choices available:

Unscented, plain~ includes nothing but the basics

Exfoliating (unscented)~ oatmeal, apricot kernal seed, or sandalwood powder

Detoxifying ~ activated charcoal

Scented ~ varies. Please contact us for available scents before ordering unless you like to be surprised.


Natural Soap

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  • Ingredients: distilled water, sodium hydroxide (lye), coconut oil, olive oil

    May also include:

    activated charcoal, apricot kernel oil, sandalwood powder, oatmeal, essential oils

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