Plantain (plantago major/minor) is our all-time favorite herb! It was the first herb I taught my grandchildren to identify because, living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, we have plenty of opportunity to use it! Bites, stings, cuts, bruises, toothaches, sinus infections, broken bones...there aren't many issues that plantain won't help fix. Plantain has been used for centuries as both food and medicine, and it is the one herb that I would choose to have on me if I only had one to choose.
So, we figured why not turn it into a hydrosol and see what happens.
What happens is magic! We have used it to spray directly onto problem areas, to soothe poison ivy and other skin rashes, to help slow bleeding, we put it in our Waterpik and use it in our mouthwash, we add it to our hair rinse and use it in our foot bath. This stuff is amazing!
We harvest the leaves of the plantago major and minor plant from our own farm where they are never exposed to any toxic chemicals or poisons, then place them directly into the distiller so we can capture the greatest amount of benefits. The final fragrance is best described as pleasantly grassy and earthy, reminding one of fresh cut grass and spring rains.

Hydrosols are incredibly versatile and we absolutely love them! They are safe to take internally, but can also be added to baths, skin care products, or used alone as a spritzer.

Hyrdosols and floral waters are not the same thing. True hydrosols can only be made using steam extraction, which allows the essential oils and other vital components of plants to be extracted into water. At Tamara's Herbes, all of our hydrosols are made using a steam distiller, pure spring water, and organic or wild-crafted plants that are free from any chemical residue that can leach into the finished product.

Plantain Hydrosol

  • Ingredients: distilled water, plantago major/minor leaves



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