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30 Minute Session
Herbal Healing Consultations
A path to a healthier you.

Schedule a private consultation

Schedule a private, professional consultation

with Tamara to discuss issues that are concerning you and ways to help prevent and heal them. We will start by addressing any of your concerns and questions, then cover things like your current medical situation, your current lifestyle ( such as activity level, diet, current medications, etc), as well as ways that you can help improve your health using natural practices and ingredients. When you book a consultation it is for 30 minutes devoted entirely to you and  your questions/concerns. We offer consultations         through video chat.




Monthly Surprise Boxes
Choose the surprise box that best fits you!

Monthly Subscription Packages

Choose from 3 different monthly packages, each with their own unique theme! We offer a gardening box, a product value box, and an educational box. Every month you'll get to experience a new part of what Tamara's Herbes has to offer!

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