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Tamara's Herbes offers live plants, dried herbs and a wide variety of heirloom and wild harvested seeds.  In keeping with the natural cycles of the plants, our offerings will change from season to season for most of the available plants. All of our live plants come with a guarantee that they will grow and thrive when cared for properly. While most of our dried herbs are grown and harvested right here on our farm in the Missouri Ozarks foothills, some of them have been purchased from verified, reputable sources that are committed to the same level of quality that we seek to maintain. We promise they are free from any contaminants like pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. They are grown using only the safest, most natural methods and harvested at just the right moment to maintain potency.

Plants & Seeds

Live Plants

We love our plants and we know you will, too! Check out our current seasonal selection.

Dried Herbs

Looking for high quality ingredients to use in your own herbal preporations? View our selection of organically grown, ethically harvest dried herbs.


Browse our extensive catalog of heirloom seeds and find the perfect plant or flower to add to your garden!

Not sure what to get that special someone? Too many options? Purchase an eGift Card so they can choose whatever product or service they like!

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