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Natural Butters Part 2

Kokum Butter

I just love Kokum Butter. It has a very hard texture, but melts when it touches the skin, and has a wonderful natural fragrance. It is obtained from the Indian tree Garcinia indica.

But, none of that really matters unless it provides some benefit.

While Kokum Butter is not as diverse as the some of the other butters, it holds its own in the healing department. Since it absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores, it is exceptionally beneficial for carrying the healing properties of creams and salves beneath the skin. It is known to be incredibly beneficial for helping regenerate tired, worn skin cells, as well as adding flexibility to the skin cell walls because it is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

It’s not all about the healing ingredients, though. Kokum butter adds a smooth creamy texture to many balms and salves. Because of it’s hardness, there is less need for beeswax, too. I use this in my ChocoMint lip balm and you wouldn’t believe the texture it provides! It lends a velvety feel to my lips and instantly adds softness and soothes dryness!

One precaution with Kokum Butters has been found… If you are allergic to nuts, it is not recommended that you use Kokum Butter. It is possible that you will have a reaction to this butter.

Cocoa Butter Everyone has heard of Cocoa Butter. What pregnant woman hasn’t been handed the advice, “rub cocoa butter on your belly and you won’t get stretch marks’? Got dry skin? Half the commercial lotions on the market contain this butter. Lips rough and dry? Check out the ingredients on most of the natural lip balms and you’ll find cocoa butter.

But, why, and does it really work?

The simple answer is, yes, in my experience, it works wonderfully. But only when combined with other healing ingredients.

Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cacao beans, the same ones that give you chocolate and cocoa powder. It smells mildly chocolate-y and is very hard when it is unrefined. The refining process removes the scent, as well as many of it’s healing properties. It is edible, also, but I wouldn’t recommend biting off a hunk unless you were really hungry!

It has natural preservative properties that make it incredibly stable and gives it a very long shelf life. Plus, it has a low melting point, so it, like many other butters, turns to liquid on contact with the skin and sinks below the surface, carrying it’s healing properties with it. That makes it perfect for soothing skin conditions that involve dryness, itchiness or any other irritations.

It is reported to help the skin hold in moisture and contains many natural antioxidants, as well as Vitamin E and has natural antiseptic properties. It is often used in massage therapy because it is reported to help ease tense, sore muscles.

Soapmakers often find it beneficial to add to their products because of its ability to lather, as well as for it’s many skin-healing properties.

A quick peek at my products ingredient lists will tell you how much I believe in these four butters. There are many other butters available and I look forward to learning about them, playing with them and sharing my experiences with you, but these four will always remain foundations in my skin and hair products.

Want to try out the benefits of these butters for yourself? Check out my shop, Tamara’s Herbes, where you’ll find products to fit your every need. You will never find chemicals, fillers or synthetic preservatives. My entire line of products is available as samples. If you don’t see it listed, ask me! I love coming up with new formulas and products!

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