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Salt For Your Skin

Water Nymph Salt Scrub

I love salt scrubs. Not every day, but every now and then. I guess that’s why it always surprises me to hear someone warning us not to use a salt scrub. Their biggest concern is that salt has a natural tendency to dry out the skin, but it leaves my skin so fresh and healthy looking and lends a wonderful glow!

So, before I decided to invest the time and money in developing my own salt scrubs, I figured it might be a good idea to do a bit of research. Some of what I found I already knew, but some of what I found really surprised me.

Turns out, I couldn’t find much evidence of salt being drying to the skin. In fact, salt is actually recommended to help treat dry skin. Of course, there is the exfoliation aspect, too. Salt is a fabulous exfoliator that gently scrubs away dead, dry skin and has natural cleansing/sanitizing properties. An added bonus to using it as an exfoliator is that, rubbing salt vigorously over your skin promotes circulation, which is what gives your skin the ‘glow’.

And we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff, yet!

Everyone has heard of Dead Sea Salt, but do you really know what makes Dead Sea Salt so valuable in skin care? Check this out~

~It contains sulfur, which is contained in every cell of your body. The body needs sulfur to properly manufacture collagen, which helps keep the skin elastic and youthful; hemoglobin (deals with the blood); keratin (required for healthy skin); insulin, heparin, biotin, co-enzyme A, (required for healthy hair, skin, nails and many other biological structures).

~It contains over 80 other vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin.

~It stimulates your circulation and allows your skin to release toxins from your system

Then, there is Himilayan Pink salt. This is another unbelievable salt. Look at what this one can do for your skin!

~This salt contains 84 trace minerals and iron ~ that is every trace mineral and element found in the human body. They are tiny particles within the salt that are easily broken down by the body for use by the cells.

~This salt helps balance your acid-alkaline levels, balance your energy level, helps break down the toxins and pollutants in your system for easy removal, and there are even a few unsubstantiated claims that it helps with cellulite.

We haven’t even touched on what salts can do for your sore, strained, aching muscles and the many other organs of the body. That’s a whole other post!

So, after all my research my belief remains the same. Salt scrubs are awesome!

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