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Juniper berries ~ Juniperus virginiana
We are blessed with an abundance of cedar trees on our farm and we all get in on the gathering of these tasty little berries! We never over-harvest because we want to make certain there is more to come in the future.
We never use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on any of our herbs, wild or cultivated. Many studies have shown that most herbs, especially those used for healing, posses greater benefits when allowed to grow when, where and how Mother Nature intended them. A bit of neglect and abuse will often increase the healing properties of herbs.
We dry these berries carefully so that we can ensure they retain as much color, flavor, and healing benefits as possible.

Juniper should not be taken internally by pregnant women or by anyone with kidney problems

Try adding a few berries to your soups, stews or roast for a wonderfully nutritious burst of flavor!

Dried Juniper Berries

  • This listing is for 1 oz of dried juniper berries

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