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Yarrow (achillea millefolium) is another herb that grows in abundance on our farm. We never over-harvest because we want to make certain there is more to come in the future.
We never use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on any of our herbs, wild or cultivated. Many studies have shown that most herbs, especially those used for healing, posses greater benefits when allowed to grow when, where and how Mother Nature intended them. A bit of neglect and abuse will often increase the healing properties of herbs.
We dry it carefully so that we can ensure it retains as much color, flavor, and healing benefits as possible.

Yarrow (achillea millefolium) has many common names that reveal it's history on the battlefield: soldier's woundwort, bloodwort, and nosebleed plant are just a few
~~~Parts Used
Entire plant
~It is astringent, making it useful in reducing bleeding, both internally and externally
~Yarrow contains coumarin which helps reduce high blood pressure
~It reduces sweating and treats diarrhea that can accompany illness such as colds and flu
~Relieves menstrual pain and cramps
~Chewing a few leaves can help alleviate a toothache
~Ease a headache by rubbing the leaves on your temples
~Useful for relieving pain and itch from insect bites and nettle burns
~Useful for treating bruises and pain due to inflammation, helps alleviate muscle spasms and is a useful and effective first-aid poultice for deep cuts and wounds.
~It helps minimize scarring and is believed to help torn flesh pull together and reconnect
As a tea, let steep in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Drink or use it as a wash.
Leaves may be chewed.
Oil may be inhaled or applied topically.

~~~~~~~~~~ Warnings~~~~~~~~~
.Women who are pregnant should avoid this herb. Yarrow may increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Yarrow may interact with stomach acid-reducing medications, high blood pressure medications, barbiturates, insomnia medications, anti-convulsants and benzodiazapines

Dried Yarrow

  • This listing is for 1 oz of dried yarrow flower and leaf

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