Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

It seems like this year a new bug hits every week and each one is worse than the last. Be proactive in preventing the next one with Tamara’s Herbes Fire Tonic.

Based on a recipe that has been around for centuries, Fire Tonic is loaded with vitamins and minerals that the body needs to keep the immune system strong and healthy. It boosts energy, fights bacteria and viruses, and refreshes the mind and body.

Our Fire Tonic starts with organic pear vinegar made here on the farm. Pear vinegar is nearly identical to apple cider vinegar, but has a smoother, milder flavor with just a hint of sweet pears. Then we add garlic, onions, lemons, oranges, fresh thyme, turmeric, horseradish and ginger root, and cayenne peppers. We let it brew for a minimum of six weeks, then we strain it and add some locally-produced raw honey to finish this masterpiece.

A shot a day will truly help keep the doctor away. Take it straight, add it to fresh juice or herbal tea, or use it as a salad dressing or marinade. It’s tangy goodness will add a bit of healthy flavor to everything and help you sail through the rest of the sick season like a champ!

Fire cider contains ingredients that have been shown to help the body detox, fight colds, flu, respiratory issues, stomach issues, arthritis, viral and fungal infections, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, inflammation and many other common ailments.

We like to take 1 tablespoon a day to ward off illness, or 3 Tablespoons a day at the first sign of any issues.

Fire Tonic