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Tamara's Herbal First Aid Kit is perfect to throw in your backpack, your car, your purse, or wherever else you may be going. This kit contains:

  • 2 oz Healing Wash and .15 oz Healing Salve for all of the bumps, scrapes, bruises and wounds that tend to happen. 
  •  .15 oz tube of  Bite Balm to cover all of the itchy, painful insect bites that cause us misery.
  • 1 oz Muscle Ease Salve to help soothe the aches and pains of strained and sprained muscles.
  • 1 oz Skin Soother to help ease the all of your itchy skin issues 
  • 2 oz Burn Buster Hydrosol that helps ease the pain of sunburns, heat burns and any other burns you may acquire.
  • 1 packet of activated charcoal because it's always a good thing to have on hand in case of upset stomach, venomous bites and stings, accidental poisoning and so much more.
  • We also will include a small info packet on each of the products and the best way to use them. 

The kit comes in a canvas zipper bag.

Herbal First Aid Kit

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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