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​Meet Kali. That’s short for Kaleidoscope. She is descended from a long line of goddesses, and is working on becoming one herself, but she needs guidance from just the right kindred spirit.

Kali is a bit of a wild-child with a hippie soul, and she has magic in her. Powerful magic. She loves spending time in nature, collecting sparkly things, and creating beauty from the things that others throw away.

For example, her outfit. She has adorned herself in clothing created from bits and pieces of fabric that others were tossing out. She gathered up some sparkly glass beads from her hoard and decorated the clothes herself. Finding that she had some extra, she decorated herself with bracelets that glimmer in the sunlight, lovely beads in her colorful locks of hair, gemstones around her neck…

Kali is ready to leave her current home and venture out in search of a new place to explore. Her spirit is feeling restless and she is hoping that just the right person will invite her to come and live in their world.

Kali is made of soft cotton and stands appx 12” tall. Her clothes are made of a variety of fabrics. Her face and fingernails are painted. Her hair is made from yarn securely sewn to her head.

This is not a toy intended for small children. She has many small beads made of glass, metal, wood, and plastic that may be a choking hazard for little ones.

This is a OOAK art doll that is signed on her bottom.

OOAK Art Doll Kali

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