Yes, these irises are gorgeous, and when we say 'Heirloom', we really mean it! These lovely irises have been around for at least 150 years. Now that's heirloom, and they come with a bit of a story.

Way back in the 1800's, our property was laid out a little different than it is now. Over the field and through the woods sat the original homestead, a little cabin made of wood and stone. It sat atop a gentle hill. Already lush with many plants native to Missouri, the owner of that little cabin decided she needed something more. Irises.
So, she planted them. Everywhere. Around her home, along the trail that led to her smokehouse, and in lovely little rock-lined flower beds.
I don't know much about her. I wish I knew more. What I do know is that she can still be felt (and seen, if you believe in such things) when you visit our little farm. A shadow seen from the corner of the eye, or a word whispered on the wind when you are standing in the quiet. Always near flowers, but especially among the irises.
Eventually, a new home was built just a couple of hills over. A big 2 story farm house. That was in 1870. The little cabin is long gone now, but those flowers still return every year. They form a perfect square around the spot that used to hold that tiny cabin on the hill. You can still walk the trail to the smokehouse and it is still lined with these lovely purple irises. And, if you listen very closely, you can still hear the whisper of that long ago lady who loved her irises so much!

We would love to share these plants with you, history and all. This listing is for a bundle of mixed white and purple iris bulbs with the leaves cut back, ready to plant. How many bulbs? Well, we will send you at least 10 bulbs, but often you end up with a few extra thrown in for good measure.
There is no trick to planting these. They are almost impossible to kill, despite our best accidental efforts. They aren't particular about where they grow, so long as they get a lot of sun. We have them everywhere, including rocky ground, sandy ground, clay soil and rich soil. Simply stick them in the ground and wait. You won't be disappointed ~ we guarantee it!
We also guarantee that you won't find a better price, a better quality or a larger quantity per order.

Pale Purple Iris