Dental health can be a sensitive topic ~ literally! Dangerous additives like fluoride, bleach, sodium lauryl sulfate, and hydrated silica can be found in most of the toothpaste available. Sadly, even products that claim to be 'all natural' aren't.
We wanted something different. Safer. Gentler. But, definitely just as effective. So, we created our own toothpaste.
Admittedly, it takes a little getting used to. This isn't your typical toothpaste. This is a smooth, creamy blend of natural butters and oils and it has the texture of such at first. It melts instantly when you put it in your mouth and it produces no lather.
Some of our customers were a little afraid that it would be 'slimy' feeling and that it would leave an oily coating in your mouth. Never fear! It doesn't. It does have an oil-feel to it, but it is not unpleasant or 'slimy'. Even better, it rinses away cleanly and doesn't leave behind a heavy oily feeling.
We also chose not to use scrubbing agents in our toothpaste. While ingredients like baking soda and salt do have their benefits, they also have their pitfalls. Besides being a danger to the enamel our teeth need, they add an unpleasant texture. We prefer our toothpaste without the grit and bitterness, and we thought our customers might, also.
Please note: In the extremely hot temps your toothpaste will most likely arrive quite warm and melted to a rich golden color. While we often use it in this form, some folks prefer their toothpaste to start out solid. Simply pop it in the fridge for a half hour and it will harden back up and look just like it does in the picture!

Available unscented or in the following flavors~mix and match up to 3:
Tea Tree

Pearly Whites Tooth Paste

  • Coconut oil, cocoa butter, sesame oil, olive oil, amla, white oak bark, myrrh, thyme, green tea, peppermint