This plant, while not rare, is certainly uncommon and unusual.
I purchased the mother plant from Missouri Botanical Garden in 1999 and had no idea what it was. It has beautiful green-gray leaves with darker green leopard-like spots. Purple stems and bulbs that swell as they store water add a beautiful color contrast.
In the years that I have had this plant, I have neglected it, over-watered it, under watered it, let it freeze, deprived it of light, gave it too much light and generally abused it. It has taken it all like a champ and, in spite of all that awful treatment, has multiplied, bloomed and generally thrived.
I have always grown it as a house plant, but I understand that it may be grown outdoors in areas with warmer winter climates.
I have found that it doesn't like extreme rapid weather changes and should not be moved frequently once established.
I will take a cutting from the mother plant (The third picture is the mother plant. Her name is Esmerelda. Essie, for short) when you place your order and you will receive a division that includes at least 5 bulbs. This will be wet wrapped and covered with plastic to retain moisture during transit. This plug will need to be planted immediately.
This plant often takes a bit of time to re-establish itself after propagation. Be patient and give it a bit of attention and it will reward your efforts for years to come!

Silver Squill (ledebouria socialis)

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